Bali, Indonesia 2014 



Americans Win Big in Beautiful Bali

September 20 – 27, 2014

Fourteen intrepid Americans journeyed half-way around the world to lush and lovely Bali in September for the 2014 World Medical Tennis Society’s annual meeting. Following a busy two day pre-trip sampling the local culture, cuisine and a variety of animal habitats, the AMTA members settled in to enjoy the unique experience of international tennis competition, with nine bringing home medals.

Tournament matches were played at five different sites, creating a few transportation challenges – as did the introduction of the first “paperless tournament” with draws and results only available online – but the American contingent persevered. In the end, charmed by the warm hospitality of the gentle Balinese people, the gorgeous setting and the very congenial international group, a wonderful time was had by all!







Highlights were many …

  • The determined – and winning — participation of Jacqui Davis in three events, just three months following one total knee replacement, and one month prior to a second
  • The impressive performance of Mike Dawson and Mitchell Strauss against a seasoned, talented and tournament-tough Swedish pair in Nation’s Cup competition, almost pulling off a win for the ages
  • The challenge of playing not only at five different sites, but on five different court surfaces







  • Amorn’s creative use of a chilled Coke Zero as an “ice pack” after pulling his groin
  • The Taiwanese player whose shoes were noticeably too big for his small feet, but who claimed he bought them because “you get more for your money with a size 10 than a size 7”  
  • Hugh Burris’ epic match versus long-time Swedish foe Lars Hagberg in Nation’s Cup singles, coming back from multiple match points in a third set tie-breaker to remain undefeated versus Hagberg
  • Relief that only two Americans endured short-lived episodes of the local “tourista” affectionately referred to as “Bali Belly”
  • The pre-trip animal encounters of Hugh Burris with the monkeys, Mike Dawson with the giant turtles and Bonnie Sidoff, Cori Kirkpatrick and Rose Baysa with a python
  • The continued dominance of Bonnie Sidoff in international competition, winning gold in women’s 60s singles and doubles, as well as 55 mixed doubles with Mitchell Strauss


In the end, international medals were won by: Jacqui Davis, Hugh and Carol Burris, Mitchell Strauss, Mike Dawson, Bonnie Sidoff, Bert Baysa and John and Cori Kirkpatrick.  Congratulations, Americans!