Sunriver 2014



Sunriver Sparkles for 50 Attendees

Bend, Oregon  •  July 6 – 11, 2014

Hot, hotter and hottest were the bywords of the week as AMTA enthusiasts enjoyed a strong speaker lineup, tight matches with an abundance of third set tie-breakers, and happy hours sharing Oregon microbrews and Pinot Noirs, all in the beautiful high desert of Sunriver.  Temperatures sizzled, the competition was hot and the camaraderie warm and welcoming.







Highlights of the meeting were many …

  • The return of Jim Manion, Executive Secretary of the World Medical Tennis Society, to an AMTA meeting
  • An entertaining interlude of Luis Cespedes’ stand-up comedy at the Awards Banquet
  • Presentation of the 2014 Craig Broome award to Frank Sladkovic, the most loyal of AMTA members
  • The welcomed attendance of five “honorary Americans” – Londoner Earl O’Brien and his wife Alicia, and friendly Canadians Mike and Jane Dawson and Grace Szczerbowski



  • Consumption of over 500+ bottles of water and energy drinks at the 4-day tournament
  • The winning debuts of four AMTA newcomers:  Jim and Kay Coghlan of Seattle, Mitchell Strauss of Portland and Raj Sarda of Portland
  • The election of President Bruce Dalkin and CME Director Randy Eckert; both will assume their duties in January of 2015
  • The inspiring victory of AMTA veterans Cal Nash and Lon Olsen in Mens Doubles




  • Phong’s traditional Awards Banquet serenade – this time toasting the anniversary of Randy and Dawn Eckerts’ guests Kathy and Mike Siebers
  • The success of the new Mixed Up Mixed Doubles, that brought together seven of the stronger women players and seven unattached guys in a very congenial pro-set mixed doubles draw
  • The interest of ten non-physician spouses, who joined the docs in the lecture hall to hear Green Hsueh’s lecture on post-menopausal issues







  • The play of the gracious Tawfik Girgis, retired ENT from Chicago; he and his wife, Dorothy, hadn’t been to an AMTA meeting since the late ‘70s but have already signed up for Smoke Tree Ranch
  • A vacationing Dr. Larry Corey, who recently stepped down as head of Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and stopped by to give a talk on targeted immunotherapy
  • The first meeting of enthusiastic newcomer Dr. Joe Howton, who gave TWO lectures, and seems to be bitten by a serious “tennis bug” …

A great time was had by all!


Tournament Winners


Men’s Singles Flight One

Winner – Mitchell Strauss

Finalist – Hugh Burris

Consolation Winner – Phong Nguyen

Consolation Finalist – Jim Manion


Men’s Singles Flight Two

Winner – Jimmy Savetsila

Finalist – Kris Vadlamudi

Consolation Winner – Luis Cespedes

Consolation Finalist – Earl O’Brien


Men’s Doubles Flight One

Winners – Bruce Dalkin and Mike Dawson

Finalists – Hugh Burris and John Kirkpatrick

Consolation Winners – Jim Coghlan and Jim Manion

Consolation Finalists – William Ardrey and Earl O’Brien

Men’s Doubles Flight Two

Winners – Randy Eckert and Mike Siebers

Finalists – Lindsey Horenblas and Marc Iseri

Consolation Winners – Lon Olsen and Cal Nash

Consolation Finalists – Tawfik Girgis and Luis Cespedes


Women’s Doubles Flight One

Winners – Bonnie Sidoff and Helene Bryan

Finalists – Monika Dalkin and Kay Coghlan


Women’s Doubles Flight Two

Winners – Grace Szczerbowski and Jane Dawson

Finalists – Betty Olsen and Ginger Nash


Mixed Doubles Flight One

Winners – Bonnie Sidoff and Mitchell Strauss

Finalists – Monika and Bruce Dalkin

Consolation Winners – Grace Szczerbowski and Phong Nguyen

Consolation Finalists – Cori and John Kirkpatrick


Mixed Doubles Flight Two

Winners – Kay and Jim Coghlan

Finalists – Green Hsueh and KK Hsu

Consolation Winners – Nancy and Jimmy Savetsila

Consolation Finalists – Saundra and William Ardrey


Mixed Doubles Flight Three

Winners – Kathy and Mike Siebers

Finalists – Becky and Marc Iseri

Mixed-Up Mixed Doubles

Winners – Bonnie Sidoff and Raj Sarda

Finalists – Becky Iseri and Lindsey Horenblas